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Klinbooks Consultancy Services

Klinbooks Consultancy Services is a registered Accounting and Business Consultancy firm in Ghana.

We value our clients by utilizing our knowledge and insights acquired
from our experiences to help our clients to achieve their business objectives.

Our experts have in-depth experience working with foreign companies doing business in Ghana. Our Clients are guaranteed with our step-by-step services from setting up a business to tax filings, Auditing, Accounting and administrative & management support services.

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What We Do Best

Audit & Assurance

We offer engagement to examine our client’s financial statements and to evaluate the fairness of presentation of the statement in conformity with international standards in Auditing which include review a system of internal control and tests of transactions to the extent we believe necessary.

We adopt a “Risk–based audit” approach which blends technical competencies with a detailed Knowledge of the client and their needs. We obtain an in-depth understanding of the risks associated with each operating cycle and focus. Under this banner we offer the following audit and assurance Services.

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Tax Advisory

Our vast experience in this field has enabled us to deal with the tax affairs of corporates as well as individuals in various fields of industries. We offer the following services with a totally different team which reviews the accounting records on a totally independent perspective from audit team:

  • Reviewing the client accounting system and determining that there is sufficient compliance with all tax requirements. Any non-conformity will be reported and necessary actions suggested for correcting the
  • Computing and advising on year end corporate taxes payable and due dates of submission.
  • Due diligence on client tax status for the company and directors as regards
  • Completing and Submitting tax returns of companies and individuals on the due
  • Registering with Tax Authorities and assisting in dealing with income tax, VAT, PAYE audits and

Asset Management Solutions

Under this service portfolio, we undertake to Audit fixed assets of organizations, provide Asset Tagging solutions, help document fixed Assets Management policies and procedure, systems of internal financial control with regards to fixed assets. We partner with related ICT companies to ensure that, high value consulting for our clients.

Accounting Solutions  

Under the accounting we offer different services:

Payroll Administration

This is where we undertake the management of client payroll by ensuring that payroll accounting is done timely and accurately to meet both the client needs and the regulatory compliance requirements. We also conduct specialized payroll reviews to ensure compliance to the Income Tax Act. We have various specialized local software which we use based to the specific client needs.

Bookkeeping & Accountancy

Where we undertake the actual posting of entries in the accounting system either on client site or at our site in which case the client has to avail the necessary documentation to us. At the end of every month, we provide the client with specific reports necessary for management decision making. We also provide detailed management accounts with notes and explanations on monthly or quarterly basis as may be agreed.

Accounts Review

This is a key component of accountancy that adds value by supporting the client accounting staff by reviewing work done on a monthly basis and reporting to the management the extend of accuracy and reliability of the work.  We also report on the non-compliance if any to accounting standards and tax regulations. This is significant as it helps the client firm to regularize its accounting procedures and mitigate on problems and inconveniences the firm could be exposed to with government authorities by virtue of such non- compliance.

In all our assignments we issue detailed narrative reports on our findings and proposition on system enhancement to the client management.

Select the perfect plan for your business

For Small Business

Basic Plan

Per Month

Transactions between $0-$5,000

  • Benefits
  • Accurate Bookkeeping
  • Financial Statement
  • Notification of Tax Filling
  • Assign an Accounts Manager
For Growing Business

Standard Plan

Per Month

Transactions between $5,000 to $20,000

  • Benefits
  • Accurate Bookkeeping
  • Financial Statement
  • Notification of Tax Filling (Help file all your taxes)
  • Assign a Professional Accountant
For Established Entities

Premium Plan

Per Month

Transactions above $20,000

  • Benefits
  • Accurate Bookkeeping
  • Financial Statement
  • Tax Filling Support (Help file all your taxes)
  • Assign a Professional Accountant
  • Assigned Chartered Accountant
  • Annual Audit Services by Chartered Accountant.

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